Cover Design
Cover Design
Despite what they say, readers do judge a book by its cover.

Despite what they say, readers do judge a book by its cover. Start your career off on the right foot by wrapping your book in a gorgeous custom cover. Whether you need a simple, dynamic design or an elaborate fantastical image, our team of designers will work with you to create a cover that not only captures your book's spirit, but also draws readers in.

Paperback + eBook

Starting at $150

eBook Only

Starting at $80

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Interior Formatting
Your Book Is Unique; Your Interior Should Be Too.

Readers may judge your book by its cover, but the battle doesn’t stop there; a well-formatted interior is essential to holding your audience’s attention. Here at Penoaks we understand the need for books to be both readable and beautiful and are committed to designing professional interiors that will allow your book to compete with those put out by traditional publishers. When you choose our custom paperback design service, you will receive a completely original design with hand-picked fonts and graphics. But seeing is believing—let us show you what we can do for your book by contacting us for a free mock-up!

Paperback + eBook

Starting at $100

eBook Only

Starting at $80

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Interior Design
Editorial Services
Don't Let A Few Typos Ruin Your Chance Of Success.

If you've already beta-read and revised your book and just need a second set of eyes to scan your document for typos, let us proofread it for you. Penoaks Publishing offers thorough copyediting at competitive rates. Our sharp-eyed team of editors will go over your document for spelling, punctuation, and basic grammar errors. We will not alter your sentence structure or edit your book for clarity, continuity of plot, etc.; this is a basic service to give your book the final polish.

First Timers
$35 Under 10k Words
For Novellas
$65 Up To 20k Words
The Novelist
$125 Up To 40k Words
Also Novelist...
$195 Up To 65k Words
Titanium, maybe...
$245 Up To 85k Words
Next "War and Peace"
Over 85k Words, Contact Us.
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Cynthia Sinclair

"I’ve written 11 books (fiction and non-fiction) and all the covers were done by Penoaks. The work they have done is fantastic. In one, I needed some printing removed from a road sign- they did it flawlessly. In another, my photograph was such that an important part bent over the spine and not on the cover, I asked to re-adjust and it was done perfectly. Another author I know chose a cover photo that would not work right, they advised him, and together they chose an alternative cover. This is not copy and paste work, they do care about the product and customer. Turnaround is usually pretty fast (depending on their workload). I am so happy with their work that I have recommended them to others. What’s more is that they are affordable! Self-published authors don’t have tons of money, no company is picking up the tab, so cost is a huge issue. Let’s face it, that book is your baby. You want it perfect. With Penoaks, you can have that and still take yourself out to lunch when the book comes out."

Jim Vines

"OMG, where do I start! I found Penoaks Publishing by doing a Google search. I was impressed from our first conversation. They were extremely patient and answered all of our questions—and we had many questions being that this is our first book. They did an amazing job! They gave us everything we wanted and offered suggestions based on their expertise! We gained so much knowledge working with Penoaks Publishing. We will be using them again this year and highly recommend them to those looking for good quality and great service!"

Maria Wright

"As an indie author publishing his first book, I wanted a quality finished product. I did my research and found that most interior format designers offered mere templates, so I was out of luck if I wanted something a little different. These designers also wanted a pretty hefty chunk of change for their services. Happily, I came across the folks at Penoaks Publishing. Not only were they able to give me everything I wanted for my interior design, the price was quite reasonable. On top of that, Aubrey, the co-owner of Penoaks, was friendly and oh-so-helpful in getting me through the design process. Indie authors need a creative support team on their side-a team that will help them fully realize their vision. This is precisely what I got with Penoaks Publishing."

About Us

Our Mission

Penoaks Publishing was founded by two independent artists, an author and a programmer, who believe very strongly in one thing: Indie books should look as good as those put out by traditional publishers. We at Penoaks love the independent publishing revolution, and we believe indie authors should be proud of their work and show it by giving their book the treatment it deserves. Each independently published book should look beautiful in every detail so that readers are impressed and inspired from cover to cover.

Penoaks Publishing specializes in interior formatting, cover design, and professional editing for both print and ebooks. We at Penoaks noticed that interior design was not only an often-overlooked aspect of indie publishing, but also that many freelance layout designers, editors, and cover artists charged exorbitant prices. We believe that independent publishing is not only about being free from restrictive corporations, but also about being free from restrictive corporate pricing. Therefore, the goal of Penoaks Publishing is to produce quality work for reasonable prices.

Why do we do what we do? Because we love independent authors almost as much as we love books. Almost.

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