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Editorial Services

With thousands of poorly edited self-published books clouding the market, the battle for readers' attention starts with the very first sentence. Don't let a couple of stray typos alienate you from your audience; let Penoaks help you polish your work so that you stand apart from the crowd as a professional, talented writer.

Need formatting or cover design for your book? Save up to $25 when you order multiple services! Contact us for a quote!

Basic Proofreading & Copyediting

If you've already beta-read and revised your book and just need a second set of eyes to scan your document for typos, let us proofread it for you. Penoaks Publishing offers thorough copyediting at competitive rates. Our sharp-eyed team of editors will go over your document for spelling, punctuation, and basic grammar errors. We will not alter your sentence structure or edit your book for clarity, continuity of plot, etc.; this is a basic service to give your book the final polish.

  • For books under 10,000 words—$35
  • For books up to 20,000 words—$65
  • For books up to 40,000 words—$125
  • For books up to 65,000 words—$195
  • For books up to 85,000 words—$245
  • For books over 85,000 words, contact us for a special rate.

How It Works:For our basic proofreading service, we make all of our edits directly in your document using the "track changes" feature. This allows us to edit quickly so we can charge you a competitive rate. When you receive your edited document, and you will be able to see all of the changes we made and approve or disregard them individually. For trickier edits, we may also add notes in the form of "comments," which will appear in the sidebar of the document.

Turnaround Time: The average turnaround time for most projects is 5-10 business days. Longer projects will take more time, but we will always give you an estimated completion date when we schedule your project. Need your book edited in a hurry? Let us know, but a rush service surcharge may apply.

Ready to get started? Make sure to read our Submission Guidelines before sending us your book to ensure accurate and speedy service.

Need More Help?

What if your book isn't ready for proofreading? Whether you have a finished draft and need an experienced editor to go over your plot, or you have an outline and basic idea and want help putting it together, we can help. We want you to publish your best work possible. Through our Mentor Program, Rachel Greene, an experienced editor and author, will come alongisde you and assist you one-on-one as you take your book from rough draft to publication. Check out the program details for more information.

Important: Although we at Penoaks are committed to making sure you are satisfied with our work, we cannot guarantee that our proofreading or editing services will catch every error. All opinions offered through our editing services are solely the opinions of the editor assigned to the project and do not reflect Penoak Publishing as a whole. At this time, Penoaks is only able to offer editing for books in standard American English; we cannot edit dialect, British spelling, or foreign vocabulary. The prices listed are for fiction and narrative nonfiction. Although we will consider other projects, please note that we do not do any kind of fact-checking or research verification, and different fees may apply. If you need additional help currating or compiling your work, consider our Mentor Program. Penoaks Publishing reserves the right to refuse to edit any book for any reason. Additional questions? Just ask.