I’ve written 11 books (fiction and non-fiction) and all the covers were done by Penoaks. The work they have done is fantastic. In one, I needed some printing removed from a road sign- they did it flawlessly. In another, my photograph was such that an important part bent over the spine and not on the cover, I asked to re-adjust and it was done perfectly. Another author I know chose a cover photo that would not work right, they advised him, and together they chose an alternative cover. This is not copy and paste work, they do care about the product and customer. Turnaround is usually pretty fast (depending on their workload). I am so happy with their work that I have recommended them to others. What’s more is that they are affordable! Self-published authors don’t have tons of money, no company is picking up the tab, so cost is a huge issue. Let’s face it, that book is your baby. You want it perfect. With Penoaks, you can have that and still take yourself out to lunch when the book comes out.

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