Penoaks Publishing

Independent publishing; professional quality

About Us

Our Mission

Penoaks Publishing was founded by two independent artists, an author and a programmer, who believe very strongly in one thing: Indie books should look as good as those put out by traditional publishers. We at Penoaks love the independent publishing revolution, and we believe indie authors should be proud of their work and show it by giving their book the treatment it deserves. Each independently published book should look beautiful in every detail so that readers are impressed and inspired from cover to cover.

Penoaks Publishing specializes in interior formatting, cover design, and professional editing for both print and ebooks. We at Penoaks noticed that interior design was not only an often-overlooked aspect of indie publishing, but also that many freelance layout designers, editors, and cover artists charged exorbitant prices. We believe that independent publishing is not only about being free from restrictive corporations, but also about being free from restrictive corporate pricing. Therefore, the goal of Penoaks Publishing is to produce quality work for reasonable prices.

Additionally, Penoaks Publishing offers personal and passionate one-on-one coaching for authors who are looking for a professional editor to come alongside them and guide them through the creation of their project from start to finish. Our coaching business isn't just about enabling authors to craft the best book possible, but also about giving authors the friendship and mentorship to accomplish their goals, whatever those are.

Why do we do what we do? Because we love independent authors almost as much as we love books. Almost.

Our Team

Rachel Greene is an independently published YA author under the penname Aubrey Hansen. She loves three things: writing, running a business, and people. Her keen knowledge of the industry guides the company, while her taste for the visual design of books brings paperbacks to life. Her sharp editing skills will make your book bleed—in a good way! She's deeply passionate about seeing indie authors succeed, and wants every author to create to their full potential.

Joel Greene is the technological brains behind the company. He uses his wizardly computer skills to make sure our ebook conversion is error-free and our formatting processes are fast and efficient. He also keeps the website running and looking beautiful with his talent for graphic design. Some of the beautiful covers featured on this website are also his creation.

Jaymes Lauser grew up as a home-schooled omninerd, with all the experiences and trials of being the oldest of eight. He studied everything he could get his hands on, which was mostly vast quantities of literature, and so it hardly needed fate to direct him into a specialty with words. He adores words and communication of all sorts with an indefatigable passion. He now manages Penoaks Publishing's social media and research and development.