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Of Everything I Didn't Expect: Seven Classic Bible Stories From Unexpected Perspectives | Calix Lewis Reneau

Uriah, Peter, Absalom, Josiah, Balaam, Elizabeth, An Unnamed Warrior | We all know how their stories end. But how much do we really know about the people behind the legends? What if Absalom truly had the kingdom's best interests at heart? How did Elizabeth feel about her son being considered a dissenter and rabble rouser? And what would it feel like to be an Israelite soldier and be given an unspoiled Moabite virgin for a prize? With gentle compassion and raw honesty, author and producer Calix Lewis Reneau brings startling perspective to seven of the Bible's most well-known tales in this short story collection.

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Red Rain: An Unaccepted Novella | Aubrey Hansen

Government regulations said they had no choice. 17-year-old Philadelphia must stay on Earth in the hand of complete strangers while her father is sent against his will to Mars. When a Martian leader pulls the strings at the last minute and allows her to accompany her father, Philadelphia knows she must keep her head down or be sent back to Earth. But when a search for her deceased brother's belongings leads her into a hallway that isn't supposed to exist, Philadelphia is faced with a question she doesn't want to answer—the choice between returning to Earth or destroying it. Read author Aubrey Hansen's original debut science fiction novella.

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Project 74: An Unaccepted Short Story | Aubrey Hansen

Maybe his brains can finally get him out of prison. Ephesus is a talented young scientist who has spent the last several years of his life in prison for his Christian beliefs. When he is personally summoned to Mars to work for a prestigious governor, who promises his family's release in exchange for providing a formula needed to complete an important project, Ephesus thinks he may have found his ticket to freedom. But when the project becomes progressively more sinister—and his enigmatic overseer refuses to answer questions—Ephesus begins to wonder if the offer is too good to be true. Project 74 is a short story prequel to Red Rain, the debut novel by author Aubrey Hansen.

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Veni, Veni: Seven Christmas Tales From the World of Peter's Angel | Aubrey Hansen

Christmastime in post-war colonial America is strained by politics, social divides, and the fragile borders drawn between newborn countries. An Irish slave spends his first cold winter away from his family. An exiled British nobleman attempts to recreate the traditions of the motherland on hostile soil. And a spirited Patriot and a fiery British noblewoman share a dance at a holiday party—but could it be more than just a dance? Can the spirit of the holiday bridge even the divides of war? Featuring the characters from Aubrey Hansen's alternate history novel Peter's Angel and the lyrics of the world's most treasured Christmas carols, this collection of short stories explores the magic of the season through the eyes of a newly-independent America. Includes historical notes about colonial Christmas traditions.

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Spirited Queen Mary: Her Haunted Legend | Nicole Strickland

Born to reign upon the seas, the RMS Queen Mary is a testament to British shipbuilding. In both war and peace, her career has stood out more than any other liner. In addition to all the work she?s accomplished for humanity, the Mary is also coveted as being one of the most haunted places on earth. Paranormal researcher and author Nicole Strickland has conducted both historical and paranormal research on the Queen Mary for many years. In this book, she delves deeply into the vessel?s spiritual phenomena, sharing her many encounters with its ghostly activity and resident energies. In addition to discussion about the Mary's various ghosts and spirits and hot spot locations, this volume also shares previously unpublished experiences from research colleagues and ship visitors. Stories abound for each Queen Mary passenger and crew member. In a way, her spiritual phenomena help to share the story of her unrivaled career on the high seas, a quest to help keep both her living and haunted legends afloat. Uniting the people of her past with those of her present, this stately masterpiece continues to share her living haunted legend with visitors from all over the world.

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Haunted Queen of the Seas: The Living Legacy of the RMS Queen Mary | Nicole Strickland

The crown jewel of British shipbuilding, the RMS Queen Mary is indeed the unrivaled "queen of the seas." With her rich art deco design, the Queen Mary began her journey as a luxurious cruise liner. She then proved her worth and courage during World War II before coming to rest at Long Beach, California, and once again opening her decks to the public as a museum and hotel. But the Queen Mary's intrigue does not all lie in the past: Many ghosts and spirits now call the beautiful ship their home, forever ensuring that the Queen Mary will continue to reign in the hearts and imaginations of many. In this book, paranormal researcher and author Nicole Strickland takes you on an exciting tour of the ship's rich history, from her construction and maiden voyage to the paranormal encounters of the present-day. Featuring first-hand accounts and gorgeous photos, Haunted Queen of the Seas is an essential must-read for anyone who's been enraptured by the world's most lovely—and lively—ship.

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99 Zombie Plot Prompts for 99c: 99 Freely-Licensed Ideas to Raise Your Creativity From the Dead | Aubrey Hansen

What if zombies were vegetarians? What if they retained use of their motor skills and opposable thumbs? What if Noah was building his ark against a flood of the undead? Whether you're developing your own zombie story or just need a crazy exercise to beat writer's block, this book has you covered. Science fiction author Aubrey Hansen provides you with a variety of prompts ranging from speculative science to morbid theology, from insane writing exercises to humorous sample plots. These aren?t your typical one-line plot prompts, either! Each prompt includes plenty of additional details to get your writing jumpstarted. All 99 prompts are licensed under the Creative Commons—meaning that if any of these ideas gets you started on a "killer" new novel, you are free to use it in a commercial project.

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Fire on the Altar: Those Who Carried the Flame Series | Frank "JJ" Di Pietro

Throughout the history of the Church, God has sent "flames of fire" to stir up His people and turn the world upside down. Charles Finney, William Seymour, Smith Wigglesworth, Sarah Cooke, David Livingston?these great preachers and teachers ignited the flames of revival, challenged the course of the Church, and changed the history of the world forever. In the Fire on the Altar series, author Frank "JJ" Di Pietro captures the inspiring stories of these firebrands, bringing them back to life with engaging first-hand accounts and fascinating historical details. The short chapters are quick to read, making it easy to work a burst of inspiration into your busy routine. Whether you use them for daily devotions or read it as an engaging introduction to Church history, these snapshots of glory are sure to enable a new generation of warriors.

Vol. 1: The Great Revivalists

Features the stories of the Church's most powerful preachers: John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, D. L. Moody, Charles G. Finney, and more.

Vol. 2: The Great Intercessors

Features the stories of six of the Church's most powerful prayer warriors.

Vol. 3: Women on Fire

Features the stories of eight of the Church's most ferocious and tenacious women.

Vol. 4: The Missionaries

Features the sacrifices and adventures of the Church's most famous servants in the field.

Vol. 5: Soldiers of the Cross

Features the inspiring tales of over a dozen pioneers who laid down their lives for the Kingdom.

The Fire That Once Was: Those Who Turned the World Upside Down | Frank "JJ" Di Pietro

A reporter once asked John Wesley how it was that he could preach on a street corner and move hundreds of people to fall on their faces, crying out to God for repentance. Wesley replied, "I just set myself on fire, and they come to watch me burn!" Throughout the history of the Church, God has sent "flames of fire" to stir up His people and turn the world upside down. Charles Finney, William Seymour, Smith Wigglesworth, Sarah Cooke, David Livingston—these great preachers and teachers ignited the flames of revival, challenged the course of the Church, and changed the history of the world forever. The Fire That Once Was tells the stories of over 50 of the Church's most inspiring leaders of revival. It documents their fight for the Church, their personal battles with the devil's resistance, and their first-hand accounts of the miracles that came when the fire fell. Featuring short, easy-to-read chapters, this book is excellent for both student and casual reader alike. Whether you want to research the history of revival or simply want to be inspired by the lives of those in the trenches, The Fire That Once Was is a book that will awaken your faith.

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