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The ebook has revolutionized the bookselling industry, and it's a goldmine for indie authors. But ebook conversion can be tricky, and a poorly formatted file will wreck your chances of hitting the bestseller lists on Amazon (and getting past Smashword's autovetter errors). Here at Penoaks we understand the technological intricacies of ebooks, which is why we offer fast, simple, flat rate ebook conversion that will ensure your book publishes seamlessly to all devices—guaranteed.

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With thousands of poorly edited self-published books clouding the market, the battle for readers' attention starts with the very first sentence. Don't let a plot hole or a couple of stray typos alienate you from your audience; let Penoaks help you polish your work so that your creativity and passion shines through every page. No matter what stage your project is in, Penoaks has a service that meets your needs and budget.

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Readers may judge your book by its cover, but the battle doesn't stop there; a well-formatted interior is essential to holding your audience's attention. Here at Penoaks we understand the need for books to be both readable and beautiful and are committed to designing professional interiors that will allow your book to compete with those put out by traditional publishers. When you choose our custom paperback design service, you will receive a completely original design with hand-picked fonts and graphics. But seeing is believing—let us show you what we can do for your book by contacting us for a free mock-up!

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